Roy Morgan unveils Annual Customer Satisfaction Award winners across all categories

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 19-Feb-20

Roy Morgan has announced the winners of its annual Customer Satisfaction Awards for Australia. At first glance, the winners of the 2019 awards have little in common. Some are national names, others are state-wide favourites; they provide services ranging from meals on the go to mortgages and sell everything from fan belts to frozen peas. But, says Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine, they share one distinguishing factor: a determination to understand what their customers need and deliver it. The data that determines who wins comes from Roy Morgan’s massive Single Source survey, for which 50,000 consumers from all around Australia are interviewed in-depth each year, in person and in their own homes. Respondents name the companies they deal within various categories across 32 industries, including Automotive, Banking, Supermarket and Telecommunications, and rate how satisfied they are with them. Monthly Customer Satisfaction winners are cited in each category throughout the year, with the annual award going to the company with the most of these wins. While no-one scored a clean sweep of the monthly awards, an impressive number of companies came close. Ahm, Bunnings, Commonwealth Bank, Defence Health, Foodland, Powershop, Qantas, Rebel, RAC, the Reject Shop and Subway all won 11 of the 12 months, putting them far out of reach of their competitors.


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