Honest, genuine and community-minded leaders focused on the public interest score highest for Trust

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 30-Mar-20

A special Roy Morgan survey on ‘Trust’ and ‘Distrust’ of government and business leaders conducted in March shows that being honest and genuine is the most valued trait for leaders with a high level of Trust. This trait was mentioned by 27% of respondents in relation to political leaders and 30% for business leaders, according to the survey of 974 Australians aged 14+. Another personality trait to rate highly was being community-minded and with a focus on the public interest, mentioned by 15% of respondents for political leaders and 12% for business leaders. In contrast, the traits that drive ‘Distrust’ include being dishonest/doesn’t tell the truth/dodgy (mentioned by 26% as a key reason to ‘Distrust’ political leaders and 27% for business leaders). Another key driver of ‘Distrust’ which is particularly evident for business leaders with high ‘Distrust’ is Focusing on their own interests/having their own agenda/being selfish (mentioned by 33%). This was also the second largest trait driving ‘Distrust’ in political leaders at 19%.


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