Online grocery shopping still niche (but not for much longer)

Original article by Roy Morgan Research
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 21-Oct-15

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey, which was carried out in the year to June 2015, has found that 12.8 million Australians aged 14+ are their household’s main grocery-buyer, yet only three per cent (389,000 people) do their supermarket shopping online in an average four weeks. However, this is a substantial increase on 2011, when 169,000 grocery buyers were making their supermarket purchases online. The survey also shows that 3.8 per cent of women and 1.8 per cent of men do their supermarket shopping online. Meanwhile, the proportion of Australian grocery-buyers who purchase alcohol online in any given four weeks has risen from 1.6 per cent (or 196,000 people) in 2011 to 3.1 per cent (398,000 people).


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