Australians spending more time online than working

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 23-Jul-18

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey shows that Australians aged 14+ spent a total of just over 21.9 billion hours on the Internet in the year to March 2018 (whether at home, at school, while at work or elsewhere), compared to 20.5 billion hours working. Some 4.6 billion of those hours online occurred at work – whether work related or not. Analysing time on the Internet more closely shows that 5.9 billion hours were spent using social media, while the balance of just under 16 billion hours was spent using the Internet for other purposes. A further 18.6 billion hours were spent watching TV and 14.6 billion hours were spent listening to radio. The 92% of Australians who watch TV in a given week average 1,004 hours each of TV viewing over the full year while the 85% who listen to radio during the week listen to an average of 851 hours per year of radio. Newspapers scored 1.8 billion hours of national attention over the year, with magazines claiming just over 820 million hours overall.


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