State of the Nation – Media: Harnessing the future by building Trust and dissipating Distrust

Original article by Michele Levine, Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 27-Aug-19

The media landscape in Australia is in an unprecedented state of disruption and change as digital media continues to upend established norms and business practices. However, there is a ‘hard’ currency that remains constant that drives consumers to return to, or reject, brands and channels: Trust and Distrust. For media channels and brands to survive and thrive they must build Trust and crucially, minimise Distrust. While a high level of Trust will keep audiences engaged and coming back, a high, or increasing, level of Distrust will drive audiences (consumers) away – perhaps never to return. More Australians Trust ‘newspapers’ than any other channel – but down from 2018, ahead of Television, News & Newspaper Websites, Social Media, Radio and Magazines. Social Media is the most Distrusted media channel – but down from a year ago, followed by Print, Newspapers, Television, Magazines, News & Newspaper Websites and Radio. The ABC is by far the most Trusted media corporation, followed by Nine Entertainment, SBS, Newscorp, Facebook, Seven West Media, Google/Alphabet Group and Schwartz Media. The most Distrusted media corporation is Facebook, although its Distrust has improved significantly since 2018, ahead of Newscorp, Nine Entertainment, Seven West Media, the ABC and Fox.


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