More Australians now read catalogues than metro newspapers

Original article by Roy Morgan Research
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 24-Aug-15

A Roy Morgan Single Source survey has found that catalogues continue to expand their reach, with more Australians (14+) now reading catalogues during an average week than either Newspapers (excluding Local/Community) or Local/Community Newspapers. The survey shows that almost 10.5 million Australians read or looked into one or more catalogues during an average week in the year to June 2015, back up to a level not seen since 2012, and the growth looks set to continue. From over 11 million in 2011, catalogue readership declined to around 9.5 million Australians in 2013. But catalogue readership rebounded, bucking the continuing downward trend for newspapers. At the end of last year, catalogue readership surpassed that for non-community Newspapers, and the gap has continued to widen. Today, catalogues reach over 600,000 more readers in an average seven-day period than these newspapers, and around 4.3 million more than local/community newspapers. The combined net weekly reach of all newspapers including local and community papers in the year to June 2015 is 12.3 million Australians, down from 14.6 million in the year to June 2012.


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