Distrust is highest for Cricket a year after sandpaper gate

Original article by Roy Morgan
Market Research Update – Page: Online : 9-Aug-19

Australians’ distrust in Cricket is higher than any other sport a year after the ball-tampering scandal engulfed the Australian men’s cricket team and led to the suspensions of senior players. Joining Cricket with high levels of distrust are Rugby League/NRL, Aussie Rules/AFL, Horse Racing, Rugby Union, Soccer, Boxing, Tennis, Cycling and Greyhound Racing from research conducted in June 2019. Distrust in Cricket soared in the wake of ‘sandpaper gate’ and Cricket remains one of the leading sports with a negative Net Trust Score, according to the latest Roy Morgan Sports Net Trust Score survey. Although Cricket continues to have high distrust there is some good news. Women’s Cricket continues to provide a boost to the overall image of the sport, with higher trust than distrust. In addition the overall Net Trust Score for Cricket as well as for Rugby League/NRL, Aussie Rules/AFL, Soccer and Boxing have all improved compared to a year ago.


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